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3263 Tairua-Whitianga Highway
RD 1 Whitianga, Whitianga
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7 days
7.00am - 7.00pm

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Our small herd of very well fed happy cows make the most fantastic milk. It's fresh, full of natural nutrition, tastes great & is as nature intended.

Our milk is available from the farm the day it is produced, that means it is extremely fresh, you also know the exact source of your milk. With our monthly newsletter you can really get to feel that you are part of the farm. Don't forget, our milk is raw milk, it hasn't been pasteurised or homogenised, travelled five hundred miles, been filtered, pulled apart and then reconstituted - nothing has been added or taken away. The pastures are free of pesticides. We don't use any hormones on our cows. This means that our milk is extremely natural and pure. We work with nature, so that our cows are happy and in a stress free natural environment.

Mandatory Government Warning

Raw milk may contain harmful microorganisms that can cause serious illness. To reduce the risk of illness - raw milk should be heated to at least 70°C for one minute. This is critical for infants, young children, the elderly, pregnant women and people with a weakened immune system.