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  • Is it safe to drink raw milk



    We take the responsibility to sell Raw Milk very seriously. We know that we have a great product our customers tell us so but we have gone the extra mile to make sure it is very safe to drink.

    It all starts at the time of milking, we put extra care into the preparation of the teats and udders before we milk to ensure that the milk from the cows is free from any external contamination.

    We do a Somatic Cell Count this gives us an accurate cell count every day before the milk is sold of the health of the milk. We also check the milk with a senses test, look, smell, taste

    Weekly we send a sample off to an independent laboratory for testing of: Aerobic Plate Count, Colloform Count, Somatic Cells and Inhibitory Substances.

    We also run independent monthly and bi-monthly tests for , Campylobactor, Salmonella, Listeria, E-coli and Staphylococcus Aureus.

    We run a comprehensive Animal Management programme in conjunction with our Vet, as part of the Risk Management programme. This means that a qualified Veterinarian checks all the cows twice a year to ensure the health and welfare of every cow.

     While we are not certified Organic we follow all the principles of organic farming. We only use certified organic fertilizers and don't use any palm kernel feed. Our pastures are free from sprays and we never use hormones on the cows.

    We do use vaccinations that we consider are crucial like Leptospirosis and salmonella.

    We try to keep everything as simple and natural as possible working with nature without destroying it.

    However should a cow become sick and veterinarian treatment is necessary then we will use modern drugs to treat the animal as cruelty is not acceptable, we do double any withholding period that the drugs have.   


    We believe that following this system provides you our valued customer the best peace of mind possible to consume our product with confidence.